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How to get started

We are here to answer any question you may have.

How to get started with Vistra

There are different ways to get started with Vistra – depending on the customers’ situation and experiences. Some customers have all their data nicely lined up in their PLM system. Others only have a simple CAD model and some spreadsheets. Some customers already have experience with virtual operator training within their organization. Others are learning about it for the first time. Therefore, Sentio is offering different ways of getting started.

Custom demo

After seeing our standard live demo, some customers are eager to find out what their own specific data would look like in our Vistra solution. So, we import their data and set up a few sequences. This we can typically do in a few days and the customer pays a small flat fee for it.


With the custom demo we basically just put the customer’s data in the solution to show them what it will look like. With a pilot we actually set up the integration to their backend systems or data sources. This means that you can actually test that a change in another system automatically travels through to the virtual training interface.

Pilots can range from small pilots on a few stations without the full final integration setup to large pilots on many stations with full live integration to several systems. Depending on the situation and the duration of the pilot, customers pay a flat fee or an implementation fee plus a subscription fee for a pilot.

Full production line or plant

Some customers choose to go directly to covering a full production line with virtual training. And by that we mean the manual assembly part of the line. This model is typically chosen by customers that already have experience with virtual operator training and have relatively well-structured data. Full production line installations are always paid for with a combination of an implementation fee and a yearly subscription fee – typically based on the number of assembly stations.